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Raider Moms Ready For Big Game

It's the game Red Raider fans have been anticipating for more than 40 years. With five days left until the Robert E. Lee Red Raiders play in the 5A Division I State Championship, the excitement has already begun.

One group of fans is doing their best to get everyone ready. For the Red Raider moms, showing off their team spirit isn't a choice, it's a requirement.

"We try to do anything we can to encourage our sons," said Sherry Simpson. "Anything we can do to get the crowd or our fans pumped up."

Throughout the season they've been busy. The moms meet each week to make signs and banners for the team, and just about anything that makes noise for the fans.

"We just have a variety (of things we make), we all pitch in and think of different things," said Susan Williams. "If somebody comes up with something and we think it's a good idea we say lets go for it, lets do that and just do it."

Nearly all these moms have a son playing on the team. They say their spirit definitely makes a difference.

"Sometimes you think you might embarrass your son, they think they act pretty cool, but I think they like for us to be fired up for the games," said Simpson.

"It makes them feel good when we're there cheering them on...the louder the better," said Debra Cuba.

Keeping that spirit going can sometimes be hard work. But these moms say they wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"You get really involved in it, I mean, it's like you've got to be here," said Williams. "I've got laundry piled up at home. I've got stuff to do at home, but you need to get up here and you've got to show the boys that there is a lot, you've got to show the support."

And even with a championship on the line, these moms haven't lost their focus.

"It's all about the boys, win or lose they're still our boys and we're doing it for them," said Williams.

There are 68 moms in the "Football Moms Club." Along with making signs and noise makers each week, the moms help plan pep rallies, sell t-shirts at the school and coordinate travel for the fans.

Vist the Robert E. Lee "Football Moms Club".

Chris Gibson, reporting

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