Better East Texas: Peterson's case draws national attention to NFL penalties

Minnesota Vikings running back and east Texas native, Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a Montgomery County Grand Jury for injury to a child.

The charge stems from an incident in which Peterson disciplined his 4-year-old son with a switch. Peterson explained the incident as being a technique his parents used on him growing up in Palestine.

In hearing discussions on national media, there were many commentators that were appalled that anyone would spank, let alone, use a switch. In Texas, corporal punishment is still allowed – to some extent – in schools and it is certainly generally accepted in many homes.

Now, much abuse is obvious, but in this case, there are some questions. Honestly, I remember belts, wire fly swatters, my mouth being washed out with a bar of soap and probably some other methods of discipline when I was growing up. Many would say that our country's youth behave in a way that reflects a lack of discipline.

So, wherever you fall on this subject, we now have the NFL having to issue discipline of its own while the legal system moves forward as well. It is way outside the purpose of a sports league, but the NFL needs to go ahead and establish penalty assignments for particular criminal offenses. It is shameful that we are in a climate that requires this, but it is the only way to address this.

Those penalties need to be reviewed by some third parties as well. I think we would all prefer if these things didn't have to be addressed by an employer but the toothpaste is out of the tube on this subject.

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