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Longview Soldier Home For Christmas

      It looks to be a particularly happy holiday season for one Longview family, as a soldier comes home for the holidays after serving 9 months in Iraq. For the Jordan family it's already a joyous holiday season, because 19 year old Joe Jordan is home on a surprise leave from duty in Iraq. He kept his leave a surprise to his mother, showing up to a restaurant where she was at and saying merry Christmas.

   "I was going to surprise my mom that's my main thing I wanted to see her reaction when i came home," says Private First Class Jordan.

    Jordan's unit is stationed in southern Baghdad where heavy guerilla activity still goes on and it's a source of worry for his parents.

    "It's very difficult, you worry everyday , hope that they're safe, hope that he is," his mother Leslie says.

    "The greatest fear of any parent is they're 6,000 miles away and theres nothing you can do to help them, you have to depend on their ability to come home safe to their family," says father Joe Jordan senior.

      Enjoying simple family time now, he feels the experience in Iraq has helped him personally.

    "You see a lot of stuff that makes you mature a lot quicker cause you have to react and make decisions you never thought you would," says Joe junior.

    And his parents see the change in the boy who went to boot camp, to the man they see today. "To actually see him standing straight shoulders back and to be proud of what he's doing has been the best part of the whole situation," Joe senior says.

   Jordan goes back to his unit in Iraq December 14th.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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