Longview makes Forbes' America's booming cities list

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Forbes has named Longview in their top ten list of America's Booming Cities. The list shows that mid-sized cities are where people want to live, and it's all based on growth of population, jobs and income.

We take a look at city number 6: Longview, Texas.

The Forbes article says Longview's job growth is 18 percent, personal income is 25 percent and population has grown 11.5 percent in the last thirteen years. The population at 216 thousand seems a bit high, but Longview Spokesperson Shawn Hara explains that.

"This list by Forbes was looking at the metropolitan statistical area which for us includes Gregg Rusk and Upshur Counties. And so it's not just the City of Longview, but the whole region. And it's something our mayor says all the time: What's good for Longview is good for the region and vice-versa," Shawn said.

Shawn says Longview has weathered the storm, continuing to build.

"You look at Longview you think about the surrounding community, and think back to even the recession, Longview's continued to do well even when the rest of the country is kind of struggled. We flattened out for a while, but we continue to pick up," Shawn explained.

He says Longview doesn't have all its eggs in one basket.

"One good thing about Longview is that we've really had a lot of good diversification over the years, a lot of manufacturing but also a lot of oil and gas, and service industry and retail. All of those different factors so it's not based on one business or one industry," Shawn stated.

And unemployment has always been low in Longview.

"Do you think people in Longview would just rather work?" I asked Shawn.

"You know we've been lucky in terms of the economic strength of the community so we've been great in terms of our unemployment especially as compared to the state of Texas and the nation as a whole," Hara replied.

So Longview's philosophy, as well as the other nine cities on the Forbes list seems to be slow and steady wins the race.

A total of three Texas cities made it to the list. Odessa is ranked third and

Midland holds the number two spot.

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