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Freedom Fighters: Alan Callicoat

"To stand up for what's right and condemn what's wrong, all in the cause of peace."  That was the mandate given our military in Desert Storm. Alan Callicoat served in the Marine Corps 21 years, three months and 17 days. In August of 1970, he was sent to the Middle East to set up air traffic control service, but before long, he was in the middle of the fight to liberate Kuwait. Although Callicoat and his unit braved 112 degree temperatures, scorpions, and missle attacks, it was poisonous gas they feared most. They knew Sadam Hussein had used gas before and was threatening to use it again. When Callicoat returned home after Desert Storm, it was to welcoming crowds, bands and banners. He couldn't help but see the contrast in his greeting and the reception faced by returning Vietnam veterans.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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