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Child Run Over At Longview Parade

  The festive nature of last night's Longview Christmas parade was darkened by the news that a little girl was injured after being run over by a float. Around 7:15 last night the float 10 year old Sydney Burton was riding in, pulled near the intersection of Methvin and Second street.

  "This unit had already finished it's tour through town and was going back to the dismissal point" says Sergeant Jon Thompson of the Longview Police Department.

  Burton and other children were riding in the open bed of a pickup truck that was pulling a float in the Christmas parade. As they finished, the pickup stopped for another vehicle.

Although there was adult supervision in the truck the children thought it was time to get out and started to move before they were directed to do so, and that's when it happened" Thompson says.

Witnesses saw Sydney and others stand up. As the pickup began to move forward again, Sydney lost her balance and fell. Onlookers realized she had been run over by the trailer carrying the float.  "   Sydney Burton was taken to Longview regional medical center and was then flown by helicopter to Parkland in Dallas. At last check, Sydney was under observation at parkland with possible kidney injuries.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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