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12/3/04-East Texas

Kids Giving To Kids Through Angel Tree Program

"This is my first time to do this," says Lisa Simmons, a student at Winona ISD.

That's the case for all of these 13 Special Education students from Winona High School. It's their first year to give Christmas to children they've never met through the Salvation Army Angel Tree. Once that they picked up their angels, the kids hit the stores with their lists and shopped.

Behind their giving spirits, a lot of hard work... the kids raised nearly 400 dollars through bake sales and donation drives to shop for the kids.

"We've been having fun knowing that we're going to make kids happy for Christmas. They can't afford a lot, so we're just going to take the money and buy things for the kids," says Reggie Robertson, a sophomore at Winona High.

But they're buying on a budget, which means they have to watch their spending.

"Today they're learning life, they're adding up what they're buying. It's as good as being in a classroom. This is how they learn math, they're adding, and watching not to overspend," says Instructional Aid, Sandra Levee.

And for their efforts today, the kids got something in return. "It makes me feel good that Christmas is not just about getting toys for yourself, it's about helping others too," says Lisa.

 "Some of these kids don't have very much either, but they want to give because they know that there are some that are worse off than they are . They are a very giving kids very loving," says Levee.

And they're content to see other children happy on December 25th.

"Every kid would like to have what they want on Christmas day. They'll be very happy and I would love it to happen," says Reggie.

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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