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Lindale Candy Company Still Providing Holiday Goodies

Pleasing your sweet tooth with handmade candy. That's the goal of one East Texas tradition.
The Lindale Candy Company has been providing holiday treats for the last 58 years.
All the candy at the company is handmade, including the candy canes. The elbow grease and skill of 2 hands is in high demand at the candy company, especially this time of year.
"Crazy," said Caleb Middleton manager of the company. "Some days as it gets closer to Christmas you'll drive by and there'll be people lined up outside the door. A lot of families come in to visit, that have been coming in for years."
The Lindale Candy Company provides candy to almost 80 companies in 15 states across the United States. The company is family owned and family run by the Middletons.

Maya Golden reporting,

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