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Camera Pill

This is the new Pillcam Eso. It has two cameras on each end that takes pictures of your esophagus when swallowed. It allows doctors to look for disease and damage in an easy and painless way. "Now we have a non-invasive, quick office based test to determine the disease status without putting them through endoscopy,"says Dr. Brian Fennerty.

Before the camera pill, the only way to check out your esophagus was by putting a long, flexible tube down your throat. It requires sedation, takes hours to do, and often has a long recovery. That's why Teresa Hadley chose the camera pill instead . When she needed her esophagus examined.

"It went down very easily. It wasn't uncomfortable and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be," says Hadley.

Now all a patient has to do is lie down and swallow a pill. In about 20 minutes the camera pill glides down your esophagus and sends pictures to the doctor just like an endoscope would. Teresa got a clean bill of health despite having suffered from severe heartburn for 16 years. I feel really grateful that I found the damage isn't done. Clearly the endoscope delivers as good an image as the endoscope delivers to us. Clinical trials of the pill cam also show it has some comparable accuracy - something that can give people like Teresa peace of mind.

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