Better East Texas: Airlines cutting down on leg room

(KLTV) - I read stories about several domestic airline flights that had to land before their scheduled destination because of passenger disagreements - including a fight that started, apparently, when one of the passengers tried to recline their seat and the seat back crowded the passenger behind them.

Evidently, airlines continue to try to compress seating arrangements, ultimately crowding more passengers into an already physically limiting area. If you have flown recently, you know it is a tight squeeze. The airlines call the fights passenger disturbances, and in every case, the passenger who is crowded is removed from the plane and charges have been filed.

So the airlines are not messing around, but cramming more people into limited areas is a bad idea. There is even a set of clips that passengers can use to block the seat in front of them from reclining and that has contributed to the issue.

Now, we don't need living room-like recliners, but as passengers, we do need to feel some level of comfort when we sit down for a two- or three-hour flight but the airlines seem to have forgotten that. Of course, you can pay extra for a little extra legroom that used to be in the standard seat package but even those seats are very limited.

This is one of those revenue generating ideas that looked good on paper that is disastrous in application. So the next time you fly the friendly skies, check your legroom. Passengers need to speak up in advance to let the airlines know that compressed seating is a bad idea.

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