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Police identify second suspect in auto burglary

Tyler police investigate a shooting. (Source: KLTV) Tyler police investigate a shooting. (Source: KLTV)
Detavius Coats (Source: Tyler Police Department) Detavius Coats (Source: Tyler Police Department)
Damarian Amie Damarian Amie

Tyler police have identified a second suspect who fled after an early morning attempted auto burglary and shooting at Dinah Lane and Dennis Drive on September 4. 

They say Demarian Paul Amie, 20, of Tyler, was driving the Cadillac and fired shots at the auto burglary victim. He is wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Police arrested Detavius Coats, 21, of Tyler, and charged him with burglary of a motor vehicle.

Officers were dispatched to the scene around 6:25 a.m. and caught a suspect fleeing on foot. Reports of the gunshots came around 6:12 a.m., according to Jay Burge with the Tyler Police Department. 

"There was an auto burglary this morning and there was a witness to the auto burglary," said Detective Doyle Lynch.

Lynch said the witness saw two people in a blue Cadillac pull up to a vehicle parked in a neighborhood in the 3200 block of Curtis Drive. The passenger exited the car and attempted to break into a pickup by breaking a window. The witness attempted to give chase on foot and lost sight of the suspect. They then went back to their home and then got into their own car to search for the suspects.

The person located the Cadillac and began pursuing it. At one point, Lynch said, the Cadillac got behind the witness in the Dennis Drive and Dinah Lane area and began firing shots at the witness. Neither the witnesses nor the their vehicle was struck by a bullet.

"I had seen that Cadillac stop by right in front of our house and someone got out of the car and the guy just took off up the street," said Gemini Garza, Neighbor.

That's when Gemini Garza says he watched Detavius Coats lurk around a truck parked next door.

Garza said he looked suspicious so he gave his neighbor Dreak Scott a call to warn him.

"They weren't covered or anything just idiots no masks, no gloves, straight faced," said Dreak Scott, Vehicle Owner

Scott says when he came outside the man busted out his window and then took off running.

"I take off after him and run up Charles Street, I see him on Birdwell he hops the fence and fell over the fence of course, idiot," Scott said.

As Scott chased Coats down the street, Garza says he and a few other neighbors followed behind.

"We went up the street and got to the corner right here and he parks next to us and he just comes out and says we got guns goes to his trunk and pops it and we didn't want to find out," Garza said.

Meanwhile Scott says he lost Coats on foot.

"I ran back to my car and tried to see where he was and that's when I heard the gunshots," Scott said.

At that point Garza said he and other neighbors got in a car to try and catch up with the Cadillac and that's when the driver started shooting.

"We were going downhill and then the first gunshot and afterwards it was just four back to back," Garza said.

Garza said their attempt to track down the car was unsuccessful.

But when police responded to the scene, they were able to locate and arrest Coats for trying to steal items from inside the car.

"Its pretty sketchy and everyone's still spooked out," Garza said.

Police say the burglars got away with nothing.

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