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Church known for beautiful stained glass celebrating 100 years Sunday


Since Easter Sunday 1914 people have been spending Sunday morning with Family and friends in the same building, in the same pews, and under the glowing light of the same stained glass inside Troup First United Methodist Church.

Phyllis Cottle is a member of the church, and she's serving as the event coordinator for the church's century celebration. She's also a big fan of the beautiful stained glass.

“We're very fortunate to have theses windows. These windows are priceless. It's actually an art form that's almost lost. Most churches have some stained glass windows, but ours are very large and we have multiple windows, and they are called the art glass. These figures are actually painted in the glass by artists,” Cottle explained.

The glass seems to warm the sanctuary.

“The other pieces on the window are more abstract. These are actually stained glass pieces where they have created a design,” Cottle said.

Tommy Earl Burton has been pastor for about three years.

“It's a beautiful place. I love coming in the mornings when no one is here. I'm kind of a tech guy I like checking in on Facebook, on Twitter, I like to use Swarm, and I get in here and I try to relate a little bit of scripture with that text. I enjoy sharing with people that are not from Troup what our sanctuary looks like,” Burton said.  "I'm just blessed to be a part of this history."

Pastor Burton says everyone is invited to the century celebration on Sunday, or any other Sunday for that matter.

The celebration starts at 9:45 at the Troup First Methodist Church. Everyone is invited to stay for the service at 11:00 am and there will be barbeque served at noon on Sunday, September 7.

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