Seth's Lake Fork Creek: Seafood and steaks served with Southern hospitality

Seth's Lake Fork Creek: Seafood and steaks served with Southern hospitality

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Lisa Hilbers

Since 2009, Seth's Lake Fork Creek Steak and Seafood has been serving up some of the best food in all of East Texas in his small building on a hill in Wood County. Seth's Cajun cuisine has been a favorite each year at the Taste of East Texas Event, held in September, at the Mineola Civic Center, and with good reason.

Seth Bowdoin is the owner of this true East Texas culinary treasure. He was born and raised in Golden, and is a graduate of Alba-Golden High School. He says he loves working in and with the community he grew up in. He has created a small restaurant, one which some might call a "hole-in-the-wall" style restaurant, which, these days, lends it an air of coolness. People seem to be burned out on chain restaurants, and are looking for local places with unique offerings. Seth's does offer that, which is obvious when you arrive to find every table full and folks waiting their turn on the porch, sipping a cold tea while they wait.

Seth makes frequent trips to Louisiana to buy fresh seafood, opting to go the extra mile instead of using frozen as often as possible. It's not always done in restaurants in East Texas, but Seth feels it's worth it, and you will likely agree when you try out any of his seafood dishes.

Seth's kitchen serves up well-seasoned spicy fish, shrimp, steak, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and so many other great dishes that one would only believe they could find in the best restaurants in Louisiana. One doesn't have to travel far to get the same zesty party for your taste buds…just head up to Wood County!

If it's crawfish you want (in season only, of course), Seth's is certainly the place to be. If it's a hamburger or cheeseburger you desire, you can get that, too. Seth's hamburgers are hot, they are fresh, and they are delicious! The steaks are practically Texas-sized, juicy and delicious.

A unique dish is Seth's "Darn Good Stuff;" DGS for short. They start with your choice of fish, shrimp, chicken, or any of their other main entrée meats cooked just the way you like them, whether that be fried, grilled or blackened. They put that on a bed of rice, smothered generously with a Cajun cream sauce. It's certainly a favorite of many locals, and it just may become yours, too.

Let's not forget the pulled pork and ribs, and the secret family sauce that leaves everyone coming back for more. Recently added to the menu is a French bone pork chop with a chili pepper glaze. It is absolutely scrumptious; a must try! (Ed. note: The bread pudding is incredible; I have been known to order it first, and then eat dinner, so I'd have room for it.)

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The menu is packed with everything Cajun, and all of it is an explosion of goodness with every bite. Seth features specials for lunch and dinner and has a friendly crew that's willing to go the extra step to make sure that from your first visit to the next, it's always something you will look forward to. Seth is located between Mineola and Quitman on Hwy. 37, just north of the Lake Fork Creek Bridge, and up on a hill.

You can reach Seth's at 903-763-0320.

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