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Suspect in Kaufman DA killings had more targets in 'revenge' plot, prosecutors say

Eric Williams (Source: Kaufman Co. Jail) Eric Williams (Source: Kaufman Co. Jail)

A former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace, charged with the murder of a prosecutor, the county's district attorney and the DA's wife, may have had more targets in his plan for so-called ‘revenge' on a previous conviction. 

Prosecutor Mark Hasse was gunned down in 2013 outside the Kaufman County Courthouse. District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were gunned down two months later at their Kaufman County home.

Documents filed in Kaufman County Tuesday, allege Eric Williams, who is charged with capital murder in the deaths of Hasse and the McLellands, had other targets. The filings were made by special prosecutors asking Judge Michael Snipes to allow certain information in an upcoming trial, which is set to take place in neighboring Rockwall County.

Prosecutors Bill Wirskye and Toby Shook said they want to allow the evidence they have that shows Williams planned to kill Erleigh Norville Wiley, a former county court at law judge who is now serving as the county's district attorney following McLelland's death. They also allege Williams planned to kill Glen Ashworth, currently a senior district judge and former district judge in Kaufman County from 1981-2002. 

The facts surrounding the supposed plans to kill Ashworth and Wiley were not disclosed in the documents, but said Wiley's plot took place in 2013, the same year as the DA killings, and Ashworth's plot happened ‘on or about 2005-2013.'

The prosecutors also asked Judge Snipes to have Williams' previous conviction, tried by McLelland and Hasse, to be entered to “explain the relationship between the accused and the victim” and to explain “motive” for the offense. Prosecutors also argue they would like to present the facts of the murder of assistant district attorney Mark Hasse as evidence for the murder of the McLellands.

The prosecutors explain to the judge that only one suspect was on the list of common defendants handled by both dead prosecutors – Eric Williams. In that case, both Hasse and McLelland tried Williams on a burglary charge. Prosecutors believe their evidence collected so far points “inescapably to Eric Williams executing a revenge plan to murder the two prosecutors who tried and convicted him.”

Documents state items recovered from Lake Tawakoni – include a phone, mask and two revolvers. One of those revolvers was reportedly the weapon used to kill Hasse. Prosecutors said one of the weapons recovered from the lake link to a weapon inventory submitted at the time of his previous conviction in the trial prosecuted by Hasse and McLelland.

More evidence revealed in the documents include access logs from a Dallas County storage unit reportedly used by Williams, show that it was accessed before and after both the Hasse and McLelland murders. A vehicle titled to Williams was taken from that storage unit and DNA testing on a pair of shooter earplugs found in the car are reportedly linked to Eric Williams and exclude “any other person, including the co-defendant Kim Williams.”

Prosecutors also allege Crime Stoppers received a message from the Williams' home claiming credit for both murders.

“This ‘confession' contained facts about the Hasse murder only the true murderer would know,” documents state.

Eric Williams' wife, Kim is also charged in the murders of Hasse and the McLellands. She is on the list of people who will testify against Eric in his trial.

Jury selection is set to take place later this month. The trail has already been delayed, pushing it to at least December of 2014.

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