Wild Arugula salad with grilled veggies and sunny-side up egg

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(KLTV) - Executive Chef Michael Brady with Fresh by Brookshires shares a few recipes that, when combined, make an elegant, somewhat rustic salad!

Wild Arugula Salad, grilled veggies with a Fried Egg "Sunny Side Up"


Grilled veggies (chopped hot off the grill or let cool), whatever veggies you love off the grill e.g. bell peppers, red onions, zucchini – squash, mushrooms, asparagus etc. I love using Ole Bay Seasoning on grilled veggies.

Port Braised Cabbage (see recipe below)

goat cheese

apple smoked bacon

toasted pine nuts

"a simple vinaigrette"

FRESH baguette

1 egg per salad


kosher salt

fresh cracked black pepper

Lets Cook!!: (This is a great simple addition to a salad or a great side to a dish)

Port-Braised Cabbage

1 head red cabbage, julienned

2 c inexpensive port

1 pinch brown sugar

kosher salt to taste

fresh cracked pepper to taste

1/4 blended oil or grape seed oil

1. heat your biggest sauté pan that you have on high heat.

2. add oil and sauté cabbage till you start to see some color on the bottom of pan and the cabbage has a glossy look.

3. season with salt, pepper and add port.

4. reduce heat, add brown sugar and cook slowly until all the port has cook out.

5.  place in refrigerator to cool

(this is also great to sauté with a touch of butter as a veggie for dinner.)

Simple Vinaigrette

¼ c cider vinegar

1 tablespoon Dijon

¾ c extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

1. In a mixer, blend all ingredients until emulsified (if you don't want to dirty the mixer, use a whip and a bowl, a squeeze bottle or a leftover container with a tight seal and shake).

*Be careful if you use a mixer of any sort that you don't run it too long to where it may heat the liquid and break the emulsification.

(If you have access to a fresh farm egg… I love to add an egg yolk the vinaigrette! It makes it some much richer and smoother. Reminds me of my France days)

Now Let's eat!

In a mixing bowl add: arugula, pine nuts (it may be a good idea to throw these on a pan and in the oven just for a couple of minutes to wake them up a little bit), goat cheese, cabbage, chopped bacon, s/p, vinaigrette and mix with your hands. No tongs!

*The portions are all up to how you like it… THAT'S THE FUN PART!

Just before you plate your salad, heat a Teflon pan on medium heat and add a touch of butter and a dash of oil and crack your egg into the pan(don't crack the yolk), salt and fresh cracked pepper. Cook it to however you fancy (to me…the runnier the better!)

Once all your goodies are mixed up really well in the mixing bowl hit the plate and toss your egg right over the top and don't forget your nice chunk of FRESH sourdough baguette for sopping all the goodies up (or our FRESH made flat bread.)

Grocery List:

extra virgin olive oil

grape seed oil

goat cheese

1 head purple cabbage

2 C inexpensive port (we don't sell this, come holler at me and I'll help ya)

layflat bacon, one pack (I am lovin Pederson's uncured-apple smoked right now!!!)

1 little bag of pine nuts (in Health and Wellness)

Dijon mustard

cider vinegar (you can use whatever vinegar you like… Cider is my favorite)

1/2 dozen eggs

sourdough baguette


kosher salt

disposable pepper grinder

1 squeeze bottle