Deputies wearing cameras to document every interaction

Our Summer Dashe has an extremely timely report about how school districts deal with late night traveling.  After 2 Whitehouse students and a teacher were seriously hurt on their way back from an academic competition in Houston in April, we received dozens of emails from East Texas parents who wanted to know what rules schools had in place to make out-of-town travel safe, especially at night.

Summer has answers for you.  She's talked with administrators from many districts.  She shares what she learned tonight in a new report.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking the rain moving into East Texas.  Watch his new forecast at 10 to learn when you can expect to see rain from the weather where you live.

One East Texas Sheriff's department says it's been paying attention to what's happening in Ferguson, Missouri and is being proactive in trying to prevent something like that from ever happening here.  Caleb Beames has a new report on the new cameras Angelina County deputies will be wearing to help their interactions with the community be more transparent.