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'Uniquely Dry' President: 'We've grown and prospered without alcohol'

One Lindale group hopes to keep the sale of alcohol out of its town. One Lindale group hopes to keep the sale of alcohol out of its town.
LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Just a few Smith County towns remain dry, and a group in Lindale is fighting to keep their town just the way it is. Uniquely Dry president Joe Terry said the campaign to limit alcohol sales in his town is not what's unique, but rather it's the town itself.

"If it means being the last town or last precinct in the state of Texas, I hope our citizens will vote to keep Lindale dry," Terry said. 

Terry said his family has lived in Lindale for five generations, seeing the town survive without alcohol for over 140 years, and he wants that to continue.

"We've grown and prospered without alcohol and we don't really need alcohol to prosper," Terry said.

 On the other side of the argument, small business owner Darla Sanders said the town could use the tax revenue from alcohol sales.

"Lindale needs the boost its tax revenue," Sanders said. "People can either buy it here and help our tax revenue or they can go other places and help their tax revenue and bring it back to Lindale and drink it."

One Lindale resident who posted "Keep Lindale Dry" signs in his yard said with the availability of alcohol in neighboring towns, he does not see keeping Lindale dry as having a big impact.

"You can drive just a few miles down the road and get any alcohol that you want, so I'm not sure that keeping Lindale dry will have much affect on anybody," resident Bobby Ashcraft said.

Terry said it comes down to making alcohol more available, and that is something he doesn't think is necessary.

"The people that push alcohol and want a community to have alcohol don't just stop at beer and wine," Terry said. "We've got a half a dozen restaurants, if a person wants a drink, we have that."

Terry said the group will continue its outreach through the T-shirt and sign campaign and is currently planning a rally for October. Voters in Lindale will determine on November 4 whether the town will remain dry or advance alcohol sales.

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