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Better East Texas: Proposition 1 could be road to better highway system for state

The November vote is still about 10 weeks away but it is never too early to start considering who you will vote for.

This November, the "who" to vote for also becomes a "what." One of the "whats" is Proposition 1 that, if passed, will divert some of the funding for the state's rainy day fund toward the state highway fund.

Currently Texas has a massive highway system that must be maintained through tax generation and many of the roads are in dire need of repairs and even redesign but there is hardly enough money just to maintain what we currently have.

During the past 20 or so years, the cost to build new roads has doubled. That is one reason that you have seen toll roads pop up in Tyler, Dallas, Austin, and Houston – we, as a state, just can't keep up with transportation demand using the current model. So Prop 1 would redirect approximately $1.7 billion to improving existing roads. The money can't be directed to toll road construction.

And the rainy day fund, which is sort of a state savings account, sits at approximately $10 billion and counting. Hopefully we will never have to tap the total amount of the fund, but we do need to have the money working for us. These are tax dollars that are now sitting in a massive account.

Now, it is a little more complicated than that but you get the idea. Voters need to seriously consider passing Proposition 1 because Texas must have a solid road program moving forward.

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