Family's memorial sign taken down

Tonight at 10, we will have a new report on the bicyclist hit on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler tonight.  We'll have the latest information for you from our crew at the scene.

Kevin Jones' family has been through a lot.  You may remember we introduced you to them after they tried to get a highway sign to mark the spot where Kevin died after being hit by a drunk driver 3 years ago.  Our investigative reporting on their journey led to the exposure of video that showed a trooper stopping and releasing the drunk driver 40 minutes before he hit and killed Kevin.

Now, the sign on I-20 they purchased has been removed.  Join us at 10 as Melanie Torre digs into why the sign was taken down and what's next for this family.

Make sure you catch your new forecast that Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is putting together.  He'll explain it to you tonight at 10 so you know exactly what to expect from the weather where you live.