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12/1/04-Gregg County

Woman Digs Through Landfill To Retrieve Her Wedding Ring

Kay Bowles woke up Tuesday morning, panicked. She realized she was missing a priceless possession, her wedding ring. But Kay had a sneaking suspicion she knew exactly where to find it. So armed with a determined spirit, Kay went after her ring. Not even piles of nauseating leftovers could stop her.

"I went to put on my ring and it was gone and my heart just stopped. I knew exactly what had happened. I remembered the night before, bathing the kids, it accidentally got thrown in the trash," says Kay.

Kay then realized her trash had already been picked up. Two hours earlier. "I was in a state of panic. I mean it was awful. I thought it was gone forever. I called my husband and he said call the sanitation department, so that's what I did."

She was in luck, sort of. The sanitation department knew exactly what truck her garbage was on, but Kay would have to sift through it herself.

"I put on just a pair of just old work gloves of my husband's that I found in the garage. I had rubber boots on and old clothes and then I had three pairs of latex gloves.

The garbage truck driver helped by dumping his load off to the side. Still it was a dirty job. "I was going to take as long as it took to find it because I knew I could."

And after just 20 minutes of searching through her neighbor's trash, "...we ripped it open. I said this is my trash, this is my shampoo bottle," says Kay.

Inside that bag was Kay's ring. "I was so excited."

So with her search over Kay drove away from the landfill, smelly but with the prize back on her finger.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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