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Delwin Jones running on record of achievement

Delwin Jones Delwin Jones

Delwin Jones is no stranger to the Texas Legislature. He's run several campaigns for the House of Representatives, but he says in this race for Senate he doesn't need a lot of money. That's because, he says, he's running on a record of achievement.

"The area has been good to me, and I have enough money that I can afford to pay for my own campaign. I think that's essential; that gives me total independence from politically big money," Jones said.

Jones spent 30-years in the Texas House serving the people in District 83. During that time, he authorized legislation creating the Lubbock County Hospital District and the Texas Tech School of Medicine. He even signed-off on the bill that changed the name of Texas Technological College, to Texas Tech University.

Jones also secured funding to build the Lubbock State School, now the Lubbock State Supported Living Center, and he helped create the Texas Agricultural Copyright.

"So that the consumer would have some clue as to the quality of the material, not just an advertising statement about it," Jones said.

At 90 years old, Jones has done a lot. He grew up in Lubbock, graduating from Lubbock High and Texas Tech. He served in the Air Force during World War II, and he married his wife Reta after the war and raised two children.

Jones says for as long as she was able, Reta also dedicated her life to serving others. After losing re-election to the House in 2010, Jones spent time caring for Reta, who passed away in March.

"I feel like public service is they way to repay an area that's been good to me," Jones said.

Jones has strong opinions on property and water rights. He also has a plan to confront illegal immigration, by declaring undocumented immigrants trespassers, allowing for immediate arrest by local authorities. It's a plan he first introduced in the House, but it never moved forward.

"I would re-introduce that, because I think they are trespassing. We didn't invite them to come here," Jones said.

When you ask Jones what sets him apart from other candidates, it comes down to one word - experience.

"I've got a record of achievement where all others have to have a record of promises," Jones said.

Jones joins five candidates seeking the Texas Senate, District 28 seat. Election day is September 9th.

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