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Jeanetta Villarreal Pays It Forward: 8/25


Pay It Forward hit the road this week. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign in Abernathy seeking this week's playmaker. What happened next made the trip worthwhile.

Within a minute or two, Jeanetta Villarreal spotted our sign and approached us by foot. Jeanetta was surprised to see us in Abernathy, but she knew exactly what to do and who she wanted to help.

Jeanetta decided to help out Amy Garcia. Amy is her neighbor and Jeanetta told us a little about her story and the trial she is going through.

"Amy has a daughter with cancer. She's with hospice right now," Jeanetta told us. "I know she can use this."

Jeanetta said that Amy's daughter had two children of her own and this has been a very difficult situation to go through.

We drove a few blocks to Amy's house. Jeanetta knocked on the door and Amy greeted us with a smile, but she was certainly surprised and confused about why we had cameras there. She didn't know what was happening.

Jeanetta explained the situation to Amy. All Amy could do was shed tears. She was speechless and overcome with emotion.

Amy told us that she has a daughter named Patricia Lopez who is battling cancer.

Amy explained, "My daughter has cancer and it's incurable. At the moment, we need all of the help we can get."

Amy told us that Patricia has two children of her own and this was a very difficult experience for her as a mother and as a grandmother to her children.

All Amy could say was, "This is wonderful. We need it. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may become our next playmaker.

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