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Smith County brings down dangerous tree

Smith County fells a dead tree. Smith County fells a dead tree.
SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Someone yell timber! One of two dead trees dangling branches over a Smith County road has been felled.

The trees are in the 15000 Block of Rushing Road in Smith County.

Yesterday, we told you a viewer had used our SeeClickFix app on our homepage to notify Smith County of the trees. The message was sent months earlier, and never got through.

We notified the county, and within 24 hours, a crew was in place. The viewer was there when the tree came down.

Dead tree down: That's what Morris “Rusty” Ricketts has wanted for four months. He drives Rushing Road all the time and kept a careful watch as he passed under the trees. He's seen limbs in the road.

“Big limbs were falling in the road, and we'd have to stop and pick the limbs up and get them out of the road. The county came out one time and knocked a few limbs out of the tree and that's all they did,” Ricketts said.

Smith County says there was a glitch in the app and none of Rusty's messages got through. They're tracking the problem, and in the meantime, pulling down one of two trees.

Ken Stephenson has farmland in the area and uses Rushing Road often.

“I'm glad they're doing it. They ain't got enough men or equipment to do it all over the county though,” Stephenson said.

Both Ken and Rusty say there are more trees out there positioned so that they could also be dangerous to anyone using that road.

“Anybody driving down the road and there's a little wind blowing and it shakes the tree a little bit and a great big limb falls out of it. Luckily, no one has had one hit their vehicle yet. I drove under one a few days ago and I was looking in my mirror and a limb fell in the road behind me,” Ricketts stated.

Rusty points out that limbs don't have to look large to be heavy enough to crush the roof of a car.

Smith County representatives tell us they will be taking down the other tree on Rushing Road on Monday.

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