Better East Texas: Perry facing charges

Better East Texas: Perry facing charges

(KLTV) - Gov. Rick Perry was booked into the Travis County justice complex - an action he probably never imagined he would have to perform.

He was processed, which produced a mug shot that has been circulated across the Internet. Thankfully, he looks as dignified as he can.

The charges stem from a complaint by a watchdog group that alleges Perry abused his power when he vetoed funding for the state's Public Integrity Unit after the head of the unit, Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for driving under the influence. Perry said his veto, which he is legally empowered to exercise, was a result of the Lehmberg arrest. He wanted her out – no doubt.

But now the presumed presidential hopeful has a legal battle to fight - and it could take a while. This will be, at minimum, a distraction and, at its worst form, it could end Perry's presidential hopes.

I think Rick Perry has every right to veto the funding but, in his typical gunslinger style, the veto and ensuing defiant style may ultimately hurt him. The strength of his appeal is based on his strong ego and decisive approach but those character traits will be hard pressed to overcome a felony conviction if that is where this ends.

I hope Gov. Perry prevails in this trial as his personality keeps the political process vibrant and that makes for a Better East Texas.

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