KLTV 7 Investigates local access to 911

In 2013, Kari Rene Hunt was murdered at a Marshall motel.  When Kari's young daughter couldn't dial 911 properly because the motel where her family was staying had a system that made you select 9 to dial any outside number, Kari's parents vowed to protect others in the future by pushing for change.

Tonight at 10, our KLTV 7 Investigates team has a new report on how much the death of Kari Rene Hunt has affected how easily hotel and motel guests can access emergency help.  Melanie Torre goes back to the motel where Kari was murdered to see what changes have been made.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking all of the weather elements that could affect the weather where you live.  Watch tonight to learn exactly what you should expect.

Justin Woodard continues to travel across East Texas so you'll have a good idea of what local high school football teams have planned for the upcoming season.  Tonight, catch his new report about the Lindale Eagles.