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Lindale using relaxed and confident approach to season

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Coming off a 3 and 8 season, you would think Lindale's practices would be tense and edgy. But that's not the case. "We all feel like a family out here," wide receiver Kolton Pierce said. "Its fun, I mean we are going one on one's whether we win or lose in one on one we are going to help our brothers out."

Relaxed and fun are the more appropriate adjectives to describe the Eagles preseason workouts. That doesn't mean however work isn't getting done. "If you don't have fun with it then why are we here," senior linebacker Stephen Clemmons said. "We are here to win, and I think fun is a big factor in doing that. So we just stay relaxed."

Senior cornerback Deandre Williams added, "You have to have a positive attitude at everything you do and you can't let the little things get in your way."

One reason for the laid back attitude is confidence. With 11 players returning and a star-studded offense, Lindale believes it can compete with anyone on Friday nights. "We think the coaches believe in us a lot and for the first time I have been on this team a bunch of the players believe in ourselves too," Pierce said.

That belief is big since Mike Meador's team will be playing in one of the toughest 5A districts in the entire state. "I think we can compete, yeah they have some great people, but so do we," senior running back Aaron Jackson said. "We just have to go out and play." Pierce added, " I think we are definitely a top three no doubt. We are in a tough district, but so are they. That's the way we have to look at it."

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