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Jeopardy! King Ken Jennings Finally Stumbles

The Jeopardy king won 74 consecutive matches, and racked up winnings of more than $2.5 million.

But the Utah software engineer stumbled on Tuesday's Final Jeopardy! question and was edged out by a stunned California realtor.

Ken Jennings first became a Jeopardy! champion on June 2nd. He went on to win a game show record amount.

"$2.5 million dollars is a lot of money to win. I hope people take notice that I did it using my brain. You can succeed by being smart," said Jennings. 

Through 2,700 clues, 74 shows, and nearly 150 challengers, no one could knock off the king.

Until Tuesday. Nancy Zerg, a California real estate agent, did what all those before her couldn't.

"For the last few weeks, I've been walking around saying to myself, 'Somebody is going to win. Somebody is going to beat him sometime. And if I keep a positive attitude, it could be me,'" said Zerg.

Jennings for his part is going to make the talk show circuit over the next several days.

ABC's Nightline will devote their half hour show tonight to his amazing run. Even in defeat, Jennings remains a gracious champion.

"Being on Jeopardy! was just an unbelievable ride. It was very much the experience of a lifetime," said  Jennings.

Jennings made a lot of money on Jeopardy!, but it's likely the show itself will end up making more off him. Since his run started June 2nd, ratings for the game show have risen 22 percent.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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