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Red Cross Worker Says Goodbye After 32 Years

She's spent over half her life working to help others, now after 32 years of working with the Piney Woods Chapter of the Red Cross in Longview, Martha Jordan is retiring.

Tuesday, friends and co-workers said goodbye to a woman who they say has a heart as big as East Texas.

Her business cards still sit neatly on her desk. But for the first time in 32 years, Martha Jordan doesn't have any use for them.

"I had a friend who was working out here and she said she was going to leave and she said 'You can do this job'."

Martha says she didn't know much about the Red Cross back then, but she soon found. From handling paperwork to traveling as far away as Puerto Rico to help with a disaster, Martha has done just about everything.

One of her most memorable jobs was delivering emergency messages to families with members in the armed forces.

"Even though you were only passing on bad information as far as being sad or bad news, you still felt like you were making a big difference."

Co-workers say making a difference is what Martha is all about.

"She find ways to do as much as is humanly possible, she's just great," said Phyllis Collins. "She's just, she's Martha... and there are not too many people that can do the things that she has done."

When asked what she will take away from her time at the Red Cross, Martha's answer is simple.

"I think the spirit of the Red Cross. When I first started here my boss said 'There is no 'I' in Red Cross, it's 'we', and we are the ones that provide the assistance and I think that's the most important thing."

A message that will remain, even after Martha. Martha began working at the Red Cross on November 28, 1972. She says she hasn't decided what she will do now that she is retired, but says she'll have plenty of time to think about it.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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