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Longview trash pick-up: Simplified

A Longview one-armed trash truck. A Longview one-armed trash truck.
LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - If you live in Longview, your trash day has probably changed. The sanitation department did a lot of research to come up with the most efficient system for trash and recycling pickup, and it started August 18.

The shiny new trucks have been getting dirty on the inside for a few weeks now, but they are garbage trucks.

David Simmons, recycling coordinator for the City of Longview says they spent a couple of years searching for the best solution.

“We've gone from twice-a-week collection and once-a-week recycling to now; you can do once-a-week with your trash, recycling and bulky all in the same day." said Simmons. "So you get everything out of the way and done on the same day; [it is] easier, more simple for the customer and cuts costs for us.” 

They have fewer trucks, which cuts fuel usage and eventually fewer men on the trucks, but no one is getting let go. Attrition will take care of that.

Each truck was serving 900 customers a day, now it's up to 1,200.

“With the arm, the collection is so much faster so the more people that use the carts the faster our collection will be,” Simmons said.

They have a few kinks to work out, like the arm hitting low-hanging trees and cart alignment. Pick up works best if the cart is level, square to the street and if the carts aren't too close together.

But what about those old, blue recycling bins?

“We have gotten together with Longview ISD, Pine Tree ISD and Spring Hill ISD, and they're going to use them for classroom recycling. They're really excited. The little, blue bins are the perfect size for the classroom, and they can put their paper and all that stuff in there,” Simmons said.

The city recommends washing the bins and dropping them at your nearest school. 

The carts are not mandatory and the city will take them back if you don't like them, but they do want customers to try them for a while. The carts seal up well to hold in the smell. At 95 gallons, the carts should easily hold a week's worth of trash. They're bigger than they seem.

Another optional item is leaving water for the garbage men, and they do appreciate it. 

If you're wondering what day your trash pick-up is, we have provided you with a link to the City of Longview's simplified trash collection page where you can look at a zone map or enter your address: http://longviewtexas.gov/simplified

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