Better East Texas: Fatal NASCAR accident a tragedy

Better East Texas: Fatal NASCAR accident a tragedy

(KLTV) - NASCAR driver Tony Stewart was involved in a tragic incident at a dirt track race in New York where Stewart ran over another driver who had exited his car after an accident with Stewart.

The other driver, Kevin Ward Jr., left his wrecked car and was walking back towards Stewart's car when the accident happened. It is, no doubt, a tragedy and while NASCAR fans generally like Stewart, he does have some responsibility for this accident.

Now, Kevin Ward broke one of the primary rules in racing and that is – you don't get out of your car while it is on the track until emergency crews arrive. If the car is on fire you obviously need to get out but that is about it and it is hard to make a case in this story that Ward should have gotten out.

The video seems to show Stewart revving his engine as he makes contact with Ward – no telling what truly caused that but Stewart should have been able to avoid Ward and that is why he is shares fault in this.

I don't know that it rises to the point of legal responsibility, the police will have to sort that out, but Stewart will have to relive that night for the rest of his life.

If you know someone or have ever been in an accident or traumatic event you are never the same and no matter what happens to Stewart, he will never be the same on the track.

The lesson for all of us in this is that anger and emotion can cause us to do things we normally never would and can cause us to be careless and worse anger can change lives.

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