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'Down in the dumpster' man lifted up with Precious gift

Robinson gets Precious' gift. Robinson gets Precious' gift.

We have an update on a story we first brought you August 6, and it has a happy ending.

You may recall J. Robinson, the man who got stuck in a dumpster while looking for his cash that was accidentally thrown away. First responders got him out, and then they found the money in a nearby trash can.

He was saving the money to buy an electric scooter to help him get around.

J. Robinson has been on the phone quite a bit lately. Spending almost a half hour in a dumpster made him a little famous, and opened the hearts of at least four East Texans who had scooters in need of a rider. He had a message from one man who he was trying to get a hold of, and two emails.

“I don't have much but I'd give you what I've got and pay it out like that if you want to. I really could use the chair because I can't get around in the one I have,” Robinson said, leaving a message.

While waiting on a call back, he was notified of another chair.

“Tyler is so sweet, you know. It's the people in Tyler that you don't even know, just like when I came here,” he said.

Some people from Arp brought him furnishings, including a TV and a stereo when they heard he was sleeping on the floor. They even brought him a four-legged friend he named Scarlett.

“They've become more than a family to me, you know, because, like I said I, don't have no one, you know,” Robinson revealed.

Well, that may be changing because Precious Davis called and was on her way over with a scooter. J. had never met her.

It wasn't long before Precious was scooting down the sidewalk.

“Well I saw the Channel 7 news article and my heart just said 'You have to do it.' It was just sitting there and my husband passed away a year ago. So I said, 'Well, he could use it. He's saving his money for a scooter and I have one no one is using, so...'” Davis said.

“It's all right. It's nice,” J. commented when he saw the chair.

Precious wouldn't take J's Money.

“Now he can spend the money on some new batteries if they ever go down,” Precious said.

“But you are so sweet; you, your daughter and all of y'all,” J. said with a smile.

Precious Davis and her daughter LaMary Mack said their goodbyes and headed back to their home in Arp.

Access to Mobility donated a charger since Precious couldn't find the one that went to her husband's scooter.

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