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Proud Of East Texas: Tony Douglas

Tony Douglas has joked to his family, "at the age of 75, Tony comes alive." That statement pretty much describes the rebirth of Douglas' country music career. 

Over forty years ago, Douglas turned down a chance for super stardom by refusing to sign a "Grand Old Oprey" contract which meant a permanent move to Nashville. Douglas returned to Athens and he and his band, "The Shrimpers", continued to entertain and even had a few hits. 
Semi-retired for the past few years, Douglas thought his career was over until his family convinced him to cut some new records which are selling like proverbial hotcakes. Douglas now is in constant demand for interviews and has even made a music video, produced by Glenn Vest, an actor on "Walker, Texas Ranger." Douglas says he really doesn't know how to explain his new success. 

Bob Mauldin, DJ at "The Ranch", says people have always wanted Douglas's kind of traditional country music. They just didn't know where to get it until now."

Joan Hallmark, reporting. 

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