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Striped Bass Hybrids

Hybrid Striped Bass

Morone saxatilis x Morone chrysops


Hybrid striped bass (striped bass crossbred with white bass) are stocked in many areas because of their quick growth and good survival characteristics. They tend to have the deeper body shape of a white bass, but often have two tooth patches in the back of the tongue as striped bass do. Genetic testing may be needed to distinguish between hybrids and their parent species.

Angling Importance

Striped bass and white bass are the fourth and fifth most preferred species among Texas anglers. Hybrids carry desirable characteristics from both species. They typically exceed the maximum size for white bass, but usually grow to a smaller size than stripers. The state record is 19.66 pounds, but hybrids rarely exceed 10 pounds.


Hybrid striped bass produced at Texas state fish hatcheries are the "original cross," a female striped bass crossed with a white bass male. They seldom produce viable offspring, so populations must be maintained by restocking. Hybrids are more aggressive than striped bass and tolerant to a wider range of biological and environmental conditions. For this reason, they may be preferred over striped bass for stocking at certain locations.


Approximately 2 million hybrid striped bass fingerlings are stocked in Texas fisheries each year.

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