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Eyes Are Windows To Your Health

Our eyes have been called the windows of our soul, but they can also be windows into our health. It's something Gary Jordan just found out when he had his eyes examined by Dr. Rebecca Jones at DeHaven Eye Clinic.

"She looked at my eye and said nothing was wrong with my eye but the problem was neurological and that I needed a MRI of my brain," says Gary.

Turns out, Gary had a stroke.

A similar situation happened with Bob Lord. His exam with Dr. Jones found a clogged artery in his eye. It was a sign of clogged carotid arteries.

"When they did the exam there was a 40 percent blockage in the carotid artery, which leads from the heart to the brain," said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones says routine eye exams often detect more than just blurred vision.

"You can see changes in blood vessels, hypertension, diabetes, other types of connective tissues, disease like lupus or sarcoma," said Dr. Jones.

But most people have no idea these types of diagnosis can be made through the eyes.

"There are times when people come in and say my vision is bothering me and they don't have any idea something else is going on," she says.

By dilating the eyes Dr. Jones can clearly see arteries, inflammation, bleeding and many other things that signal medical problems. Gary is glad he got his eyes examined. Now he's on special medicine to prevent another stroke. He believes his eye exam actually saved his life.

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