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Longview man foils attempted pizza delivery robbery


A Longview man, diagnosed with dementia, says he didn't think twice about jumping in Thursday night to stop the robbery of a pizza delivery man.

A Longview couple say they saw two people attacking the delivery man in the 2300 block of Ridgewood Drive. The decision to intervene did more than just prevent a crime. Neighbors grew suspicious when a Domino's pizza delivery driver showed up at a Ridgewood residence, knowing that their neighbor wasn't home, and there were four young men hanging around the area.

"It was just a little suspicious. My neighbor doesn't get home till six o'clock. I see the Domino pizza guy drive right past me. But I told my husband I really am concerned with those four guys hanging around the curve right there," says Jackie Russell.

As the driver approached the home, two of the men attacked him. 68-year-old Joe Russell charged the two attackers and threw them off, with the suspects fleeing into a wooded area.

"He just jumped in there and ran down the bottom of the hill and pulled the two beating up the delivery man. I said what are you doing going down there?" says Joe's wife Jackie.

Joe Russell struggles with a form of dementia.

"When this first hit, he had no idea what day of the week it was, unless he looked at a calendar," Jackie says.

"I was very proud of what he had done. My first thought was, that sounds like dad. Running in to help the underdog, I can see him doing that. For him to take action the way he did, to me it was like seeing a glimpse of the dad I had growing up," says daughter Jennifer Russell.

For his family, it's a reminder of the man who is still inside.

"Growing up everybody thinks their dad is a hero, and to me this just proved it," Jennifer says.

The Domino's delivery driver was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. Russell gave police a detailed description of the suspects.

The family says they received an official 'thank you' from Domino's.

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