Cowboys tired of 8-and-8

Cowboys tired of 8-and-8

OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - After three consecutive 8 and 8 seasons, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo jokes there's no desperation in Dallas.

"Yeah, we're desperate," said Romo with a smile.  "No, that's a joke. I think you don't have that feeling of desperation ever, I think the feeling that comes across is more you're upset. Not happy with the outcome."

There may not be desperation, but there is pressure. The Cowboys have failed to make the playoffs for 4 consecutive seasons. The longest playoff drought of the Jerry Jones era, dating back to 1989.

"It doesn't sit well with anybody," said Romo.  "Everyone was disappointed. We had a chance last year but we didn't get the job done."

Dez Bryant wears No. 88, but he's tired of 8 and 8.  Bryant has never experience the playoffs.

"That bothers me a lot," said Bryant.  "I think the work we put in this off season will give us the results to see if we can be there at the end of the year."

Hoping to get over the hump, the Cowboys have made major changes to their roster. Letting go of veteran leaders, the Cowboys have gone younger in 2014. Jerry Jones says it's not a rebuilding project.

"It is not about next year," said Jones.  "We've gone from possibly being one of the older teams to one of the younger teams. But I think we have the fundamentals to be able to compete and compete right now."

"We're trying to redeem ourselves from last year and not be that same 8 and 8 team," said cornerback Morris Claiborne.  "That's fire under each player, coach out here to go out and get the job done."

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