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Supreme Court hearing arguments about medical marijuana

Should sick people be allowed to smoke marijuana for medical reasons?  That was the question before the U.S. Supreme Court today.

Eleven states say it's okay, but the Bush Administration says those states are violating federal law.

Groups against and in favor of marijuana as medicine stood their ground in front of the Supreme Court. Justices are considering whether sick people in the eleven states that allow medicinal marijuana use can get around the federal ban on pot.

The issue came about after a lower court ruled against prosecution of people who use pot for purely medicinal purposes.  The Bush Administration claims Congress has not recognized the medical use of marijuana.

The weed's critics say its dangers outweigh any potential benefits.  Some states are saying one thing and the federal government is saying another.  Now, it'll be up to the Supreme Court to cut though the controversy.  A ruling is expected next year.

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