Better East Texas: Congress needs comprehensive plan for border security

Better East Texas: Congress needs comprehensive plan for border security

(KLTV) - Congress has gone on a 5-week recess, the president is distracted with the events in the Middle East, and we still have a large amount of activity with refugees crossing the southern border of the US.

You have heard that Texas Governor Rick Perry has ordered the 1,000 National Guard troops to deploy. But the surge of refugees continues. It is no surprise that congress failed to act with a comprehensive plan to attack the border security problem. The president asked for almost $4 billion and, while some of it was not what many would see as addressing the problem, he did have some intent on beefing up security, creating holding stations and addressing the problem at its source in the Central American countries from which the refugees are fleeing.

This was such an opportunity for Congress to show some unity and actually come to an agreement, but they failed. So I am grateful to Texas Governor Rick Perry for standing in the gap and doing what he can to address this issue. It is a large drop in the bucket, but until there is a federal response to secure our borders, it is all we have.

The president and congress are ignoring one of their most prominent purposes in securing the border. Voters on both sides of the aisle need to remember this come November. It hasn't happened in a long while, but we have to be able to pass bills in congress that have meaning, and that will make for a better East Texas.

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