Better East Texas: Report details CIA torture tactics after 9/11 attack

Better East Texas: Report details CIA torture tactics after 9/11 attack

(KLTV) - President Obama delivered some remarks in a news conference last week. One of the subjects he brought up was on a report that is about to be released that detailed some activities of the CIA after 9/11.

The president stated that the CIA tortured some prisoners or detainees to get information. This included water boarding and other techniques and he essentially apologized for the actions.

I wish we did not have the need for a strong military or that trust and logic prevailed in global disagreements – but they don't. It is horrible that our team used torture to get information that saved American lives – but it saved lives. The people we fought and continue to fight are willing to die for their cause. It is highly unlikely that strong talk and threats or verbal coercion will get them to tell us what they know.

America was in a war against terror and many say we are still in that war and we must have good intelligence to protect our domestic and international interests. It is tough to say that torture was right for the time, but when our opponents think nothing of killing innocent civilians, including our children, we must have a provision for getting the upper hand.

And now the president has essentially weakened our position on interrogation which could lead to an even further emboldening of our enemies and that could be disastrous. We have some warts in the way our government has protected us, but many have made us stronger as a nation and a world leader.

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