Changing the face of Tyler

Changing the face of Tyler

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Many of us don’t pay a lot of attention to the way buildings look, but for Steve Fitzpatrick, it’s his livelihood.

For over thirty years his passion has been building design, from houses to the new Tyler Police Department. Now, he's taking on the role of changing the face of Tyler.

When Steve Fitzpatrick was in high school, he knew what he was going to do, and he stuck with it. Not many of us can say that. Some of his firm’s buildings are are very recognizable.

“We have projects that are kind of cutting edge like the new Racquet and Jog store would be an example of that/ When we designed Fresh by Brookshires, that was something new and completely different for them. So we have that; you might call that a style. We also do very traditional projects. We did the renovations at Green Acres Baptist Church, and we had to fit the style of architecture that was already in place there. We do all of those things not just one style, we do all styles really,” Fitzpatrick revealed.

They office in Time Square shopping center, and gave it a little face lift. His office began in his house with one other person, and now he’s up to twenty-one. Steve says he can’t see himself doing anything else, and he and his associates seem to have a steady flow of inspiration.

“We don’t ever start with a design in mind; we start fresh on every design and come up with a concept. A lot of it has to do with the owner’s personality and their needs,” Fitzpatrick said.

And the needs of Tyler police in their upcoming new building. They’re big on open spaces as their office shows. One of his favorite buildings to work on is a place he has been since childhood.

“Green Acres Baptist Church. I even worked there as a janitor, and got a chance do go back and do buildings there so that’s really special: working at your own church.

“And I see you’re also big on palettes,” I said pointing to what looked like a wall made of palettes.

“Yeah,” Steve laughed,” This is our conference room called the box, so we think outside the box a lot,” Fitzpatrick said.

From outside the box they design the box inside and out.

Fitzpatrick Architects is presently designing the new Boulter Middle School, and is giving the Tyler Public Library a big make over.

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