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Live updates: Gang member finds out about Briana's death in park on Instagram

(source: KLTV news staff) (source: KLTV news staff)
Dennis Bendy. (source: Tyler police) Dennis Bendy. (source: Tyler police)
KJ Hurd (Source: Tyler police) KJ Hurd (Source: Tyler police)
Rahkeem Goldstein (Source: Tyler police) Rahkeem Goldstein (Source: Tyler police)
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Wednesday's live updates from the trial for the first of three men charged in the death of an East Texas mother.

Dennis Montrell Bendy is charged with the murder of Briana Young on July 30, 2013. According to police, 20-year-old Briana Raquel Young of Tyler was killed when she and her three-year-old son were caught in crossfire in Tyler's P.T. Cole Park. Investigators were told that gunfire broke out at the park when two men exchanged fire with a car on Mockingbird Street.

Police believe that Bendy accompanied Rahkeem Lamone Goldstein to the park, looking for a rival gang member. KLTV reporter Holly Gonzalez is in the courtroom during the trial in Judge Jack Skeen, Jr.'s courtroom, and will continue to post updates as the trial proceeds.

Smith County DA Matt Bingham calls Amanda Cook to the stand

Cook is the public safety administrator for Tyler Police Department. She authenticated the eight 911 calls received by Tyler police regarding the shooting at PT Cole Park.

Next, the state calls Darrian Lee, a Whitehouse High School graduate

Lee admitted he is a gang member and has an extensive criminal history.
Lee was a witness of the shooting at PT Cole Park. He says he was with Hurd (or KJ, as he is called) that night, a member of the Five Deuce Hoover Crips. He says he knew the park was the territory of the Westside Rolling 60s gang. He says friends asked him and KJ to meet them at the park.

Bingham asked Lee to point out on a diagram where he parked his car at the park, and what happened next. He says he and KJ were with Briana, her son KD, and others, (specifically, Dominic, DeShayla and Jasmine) at the gazebo/pavilion area of the park. He says KJ had an unloaded weapon, a semi-automatic, on him at the time. He says they were concerned there may be rival gang members at the park.

Lee says next they went toward the picnic tables at the park. He says they saw a white Hyundai circling the park two or three times while they were there, and they thought it may be a rival gang. He says no one got out of the car, but it stopped and somebody from inside the park started shooting.

Then, he says, several shots started coming from the Hyundai. He heard two sets of very rapid shots coming from the Hyundai. He says he hit the ground, then he and KJ ran for the car. The girls ran away. He says his car got shot and then the Hyundai drove off. He says KJ threw his gun at the Hyundai as it drove off, and then he drove off in his Cadillac, and was stopped by police and arrested.

Lee says they were shooting at KJ because "he always has problems with the Rolling 60s."

Lee says he saw Dennis Bendy early in the day on the day of the incident. He says KJ and Bendy spoke that day about calming the fight between their rival gangs. He says Bendy agreed with KJ to  "chill things out."

But, he says, he and KJ knew being at the park could lead to an altercation with the Rolling 60s. He says Bendy also told KJ he "can't control the youngsters." In other words, he said, the rest of the Rolling 60s gang members.

The State calls Rahkeem Goldstein, a co-defendant, to testify.

Goldstein is currently under indictment for murder. He has agreed to waive his 5th Amendment right and testify in Bendy's case.

Goldstein says he is a Rolling 60 Crip. He says Bendy is also in his gang. He says the 60s are a gang that originated in California and that they are not organized in Tyler, but they do "associate when we want to." He says he and Bendy hang out two to three days a week and he has known him for about four years. Goldstein says that he and Bendy would hang out and smoke weed together.

Goldstein says he and Bendy spoke about Ke'eviar Hurd (KJ) on the day of the shooting. He says the feud between them had been going on for about six months.

Goldstein says Madeline Wallace was his girlfriend during the time leading up to the shooting.

Goldstein says he has a tattoo of "60," but that the tattoo is not required of members.

Goldstein explains that Bendy is photographed with other gang members throwing gang signs. He says even though Bendy is not throwing the sign, he is a member because non-members would not be allowed to be in the photo.

Next, the state (Bingham) shows Goldstein photos of guns and Goldstein says they belong to Bendy. He says they had both guns that night, but only the Glock was used. He says Bendy shot the Glock. He had the AK47, but he did not shoot it.

The state asks Goldstein to recount events of the day of the shooting. He says Bendy called him on his friend KD's cell phone and said he needed to talk to him. KD dropped him off at a friend's house and Bendy met him there. He says Bendy drove over in his silver Lincoln.

Goldstein says Bendy was "hysterical" about being shot by KJ. He says Bendy wanted to get back at KJ. He and Bendy went to go pick up guns from someone Bendy knew at an Exxon gas station. The man placed a Glock in their car and then they went somewhere else near Stewart Middle School to pick up the AK47 from a man they called Slick. He and Bendy walked up to the car and Slick got the gun for them and gave it to Goldstein. They put it in their back seat.

Bingham asks him what he was thinking, and Goldstein replies, "That it's going to go down."

Goldstein says they later picked up Elijah Williams (EJ). But first, they switched cars with his girlfriend because they didn't want to be seen by rival gang members in Bendy's car. He says he told Madeline they needed her car to go do concrete work and Bendy's car would cost too much to use with gas. He says he called her on Bendy's phone and told her to meet them at the Food Fast on Vine.

She arrived at the Food Fast with her friend Kiara. They switched vehicles and then picked EJ up. Next, they met Madeline and Kiara again on Peach Street to give her a CD.

Goldstein said Elijah had a gun as well. They were going to see some other girls, but EJ received a phone call and they decided to drive to the park to find KJ. Bendy said, "I'm going to get get that n*****."

Goldstein says they drove to the park, but he didn't want to shoot towards the park. He says Bendy said, "I got this. I've got aim. I can do this." He says Elijah got off on the other side of the park on Shaw Street so that if KJ ran that way he could shoot him.

He says that next, Bendy got out of the car to shoot at KJ.

The state asked Goldstein what their plan was regarding KJ. Goldstein says, "I didn't think it was going to happen like that."

The state has Goldstein point out on a large diagram where he and Bendy dropped Elijah off. He says they did not discuss a plan prior to that.

Goldstein says Bendy shot first, then EJ. They were shooting rapidly. He says KJ starts running to his car and Bendy and EJ were still shooting.

State asks Goldstein what he thought when he found out Briana had died. Goldstein replied, "Things are getting real now." He says Bendy told him not to say anything.

Court takes a recess for lunch.

Goldstein is back on the stand after lunch. He says he told Bendy, "Man, we've got to get rid of these guns." He says Bendy told him he knew what to do. They went to a guy named Main's house to get rid of the guns. Bendy gave Main the guns when they got to his house and then they left. After Main's house, they went to a friend's house behind John Tyler High School. Madeline Wallace showed up about ten minutes later.

Goldstein left with his girlfriend and went to her house on Hwy 155.

He says he got on Instagram and found out that Briana Young had died. He admits that he was more concerned about himself and Bendy than about Briana.

He went to another friend's house, named Tisha, in Dallas. He stayed there for about three days. He says he was hoping they wouldn't put him on the news. Next, he drove her car to Atlanta to stay with his cousins. He says he was there for one week when he found out police were looking for him. He says his sister called him and told him he was on the news.

He told police about getting the guns from Slick and Main. He says he decided to turn himself in and lie to police about the incident. He says he was going to tell police he was "with some chicks." He says he found an alibi (Oltisha Johnson or Turner) and asked her to lie for him and she agreed.

He admits he later told police the truth, but left out that EJ was with him and Bendy.

The state showed Goldstein two firearms and Goldstein confirmed they were the guns used the night of the shooting.

Defense attorney Rex Thompson cross-examination of Goldstein:

Goldstein admitted he has lied multiple times to police about the day of the shooting. He says he considers himself a ladies man and says he was seeing up to four other girls at the time he was living with Madeline. He says he was "bopping" at TJC when he met Madeline, who was a student there. He says bopping means looking for women. He was not a student there.

Goldstein says he hope his testimony today will help him in his own murder trial, but he insists he is telling the truth.

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