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Christmas Gifts Going High Tech

While some retailers were not so happy with the numbers this first weekend of the holiday shopping season, sales across the board are up this year from last.

On the day after Thanksgiving alone, shoppers spent an estimated 10.8% more, according to some estimates. Much of those sales are expected to be in the electronics department.

From video game systems to DVD players, and big screen TVs that could fill up a living room, this Christmas promises to be a dream for the "techie" in your family. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 76% of U.S. households have placed one electronic gadget or another on their shopping list this Christmas.

Tracy Reynolds is one of those looking to go high tech.

"We were just discussing things to get my youngest son for Christmas and one of the things we were looking at are the portable DVD players."

Reynolds plans to spend a few hundred dollars on electronic gifts this holiday season.  She said the prices are too good to pass up.

"Last year I wouldn't have been able to afford some of the DVD players, but some of them have gone down to under $50. It makes it so much easier."

It's not just the prices that are bringing people in. Those who sell electronics say in the last few years, they've definitely seen the trend move high tech.

"I think the fun thing about electronics is people are not buying things because they have to have them, they're buying them because they want them and they're always looking for the newest and latest technology," said John Cook, manager of Best Buy in Tyler.

Dianne Helen is planning to spend more on electronics this year than last. She thinks it's just a sign of the times.

"I didn't spend that much on tech gifts last year, but some are going out and buying this year, they're going to spend a little bit more money even from a year ago."

So whatever is on your wish list this year, there is a good chance it could be a high-definition Christmas.

The holiday season is so big for "Best Buy" stores that the Tyler location added around 30 employees just to handle the rush. One more interesting fact, a large portion of spending on electronics this year is expected to come from shopping online.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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