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Shreveport Hockey Drawing East Texans

With the National Hockey League still in a lockout, lots of East Texans are going across the border to Louisiana to watch the "Shreveport mudbugs". The mudbugs are getting the biggest benefit of the lockout, as regional fans are flocking to see their games, and a lot of the home crowds are East Texans.

"Oh, they are a huge part of our fan base and a huge part of the fun that happens here, they bring the loud voices," says coach Scott Muscutt.

Still a somewhat foreign sport in the south, never the less it's drawing huge crowds, and now NHL players are siging on while they wait.

"When it's live it's something to see, a lot of hitting, not many play calls, its a read and react game," says team leading scorer, left winger Dan Wildfong.

A complete season schedule can be found on the team's web site at:

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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