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Longview Restaurants Patrolled By Inspector

      In Longview, they do the job of keeping food safe for us to eat, food inspectors are the most unknown and easily unappreciated of any city or county workers. Inspector Amy Lewis has the unenviable job of hawking Longview food establishments to make sure that public health is not jeopardized.

    "In a lot of ways I'm an advocate for the public that doesn't understand or know whats going on behind the closed doors of a kitchen" says Lewis.

       She does everything from check the temperatures of standing food hot or cold,  to making sure pots and pans are properly washed. And restaurant owners suffer a little anxiety when they see her coming.

    "I kind of feel like the wicked witch when i walk in but i still have a job to do" she says.

     One of only two inspectors for the city, she strictly goes over each establishment, restaurant, supermarket or convenience store, and works constantly to prevent any chance of food contamination or poisoning.

   "It's kind of a scary thing, because you almost feel like the responsibility of people rests on your shoulders in some ways at least the people that eat out, something could happen an outbreak, someone could get sick and die" she says.

      Inspections are all "public record", if you want scores for any establishment, you can call the Longview environmental health department. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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