Romo believes his best is yet to come

Romo believes his best is yet to come

OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - Coming off his second back surgery in the past two years, Tony Romo isn't concerned about his playing future.

"I'm sure one day when I'm 45, somebody will tell me I'm done playing," said Romo with a smile.  "I just feel personally like I just started coming into the player I wanted to be six or seven years ago."

Romo may feel great, but he's seen very little work in training camp. The Cowboys believe it's best to remain cautious with their starting quarterback. Romo's teammates say he hasn't missed a beat.

"He still looks like the same guy that made pro bowls and stuff like that," said wide receiver Cole Beasley.  "He's one of the best in the league and he's good at adjusting when he can't be out here too much. He's done a good job and is going to be the best player for us."

Practice time is nice, but for Romo it's all about the regular season as he hopes to lead the Cowboys back to the postseason. The 34 year old believes he's set to play the best football of his career.

"Over the course of the next four or five years, you'll see the best version of me that I've had throughout my career," said Romo. "That's for a lot of different reasons. I really believe that and I think that will show."

Head coach Jason Garrett agrees with his quarterback.

"He just has a thirst and hunger to get better as a player and help our team get better," said Garrett.  "My experience has been when you have that approach to football you're going to get better. Tony certainly has the ability and will continue to grow."

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