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Miranda Lambert's father talks about her vandalized sign

Miranda's father talks about the vandalism. Miranda's father talks about the vandalism.
LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - The defaced "Welcome to Lindale" sign featuring Miranda Lambert is another step closer to being repaired.

The company that made the sign is looking at a few options, and Miranda Lambert’s family spoke with us about the defaced sign.

Miranda's father, a former police officer, says this is not the first time one of Miranda’s signs has been vandalized, and he has no respect for the perpetrator.

“My wife and I just shook our heads and thought some ignorant fool that doesn’t have enough to do, out destroying property that cost the Rotary Club of Lindale. They collected the money to do that and we regret that somebody is stupid enough to go out and destroy city property like that,” Lambert said.

The family first saw the sign in a text message.

“There are haters in the world that do things for their own stupid reasons, so we’re not really that disturbed about it. We’re certainly not surprised,” Lambert stated.

Pieter Cilliers of Sign Masters in Tyler says he plans to give the sign a new face.

“We’re just basically going to print a vinyl decal off the old file and just re-do the image and stick it on there,” Cilliers revealed.

So they’re doing a face-replacement first, but if it doesn’t look right they’ll have to print a new one. Rick says it’s a big waste of time and money.

“Lindale’s trying to be proud of a local girl done good and then somebody wants to destroy that. If it’s jealousy or if it’s drunkenness, whatever, it’s idiocy either way,” Lambert added.

There hasn’t been an arrest yet, and the sign company says they may have a new face for Miranda by Tuesday. Since the cost of fixing the sign is over $500 the offense has increased to a class A misdemeanor.

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