Tony Romo to miss practice Saturday

Tony Romo to miss practice Saturday

OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo missed another training camp practice in Oxnard, California on Saturday.

Coming off a second back surgery, Romo has now taken part in just four of the first six full padded practices and five of the eight sessions overall. At this point, its up in the air if Romo will play in the Cowboys first preseason game against the Chargers.

The 12 year pro is no Johnny Manziel when it comes to scrambling, but Romo can extend plays. He talked about picking and choosing when to get out of the pocket with an ailing back.

"I just think you understand the time where you have a chance to get out and the times you dont," Romo said. "When you know that nothing good is about to happen then those are the times you protect the football and do what you have to do to minimize you know these direct shots these big people can put on you so that's just being smart."

Romo added, "At the same time there are times you can get away and you try to take that chance."

The Cowboys will hold their blue-white scrimmage on Sunday and Romo is expected to participate.

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