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Shoppers Up Early In Longview

  East Texans turned out in big numbers in Longview for the busiest shopping day of the year. Some shoppers were in line at 8 o'clock Thanksgiving night. They were everywhere, at stores like "Old Navy" , "Best Buy", "Target" and "Circuit City", all saying it was worth it to get bargains and get shopping over with.

  "Yeah it is , because I'm off work and I can take a nap later on after I eat some turkey" said early morning shopper Bob Massey.

  They braved cool temperatures and seemingly endless lines, to be the first few inside to shop. For many shoppers its as much a tradition as it is to get deals.

  "I think its great , get to see other people find savings so it's good" said Hallsville shopper Annette Clark

  Most took advantage of traditional posted sales by retailers, specifically between the hours of 6 am and 11 am.

  "I think its expected... I don't know... Consumers expect to come out and after Thanksgiving their off work for the most part , it might be the only day they can shop" said target employee Cindi Starr.

  Packing every aisle, and grabbing everything on sale, it made many thankful it only lasts one day.

   Bob Hallmark reporting.

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