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11/26/04-East Texas

Bumper To Bumper Traffic

Just like sale items flying off the shelves; cars were flying down the streets of East Texas today.

In the middle of their quest to be first in line, some seemed to forget about paying attention to their speed or traffic signs. Many tried to beat stop lights, and some turned the wrong way out of parking lots. Shoppers and drivers called the traffic unbelievable as it was bumper to bumper in parking lots and on the streets.

Either coming or going from the biggest shopping day of the year, many seemed to have their mind on something other than being a good driver.

"It's the holiday weekend, and people are just trying to get to the stores. Everybody's trying to get to the same place at the same time. I've seen people getting in the oncoming traffic lanes to get around people in the turn lanes who are trying to get in the parking lot out here," says Donnie Johnson, who works on Old Bullard Road and has watched the busy traffic all day.

If you're still planning to brave the streets for the sake of shopping tonight, don't worry, authorities say the busiest time for traffic was from ten this morning till right after six o'clock, this evening.

Braid Sharp, reporting. 

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