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New home will be testament to Longview man's love for his family

The Oswalts. (Source: Facebook) The Oswalts. (Source: Facebook)

An East Texas family is mourning the loss of a family member who could not survive long enough to see his dream house come true.

Rick Oswalt passed away Thursday morning in Longview at the age of 62 from stage four pancreatic cancer. As his family looked at the nearly complete home, they remember Rick Oswalt’s final wish: To make sure the dream home he started to build for his wife would be finished.

"We talked about our children and leaving something...kind of leaving a mark the family would always remember," says Rick's wife, Marsha Oswalt.

Oswalt and his wife moved into a trailer to build the home. Rick continued to build on it after his diagnosis, but became too sick to continue.

"We knew there was an abundance of work to do here, and we weren't exactly knowing how much time he had," says son Matt Oswalt.

Volunteers from Satterwhite Homes picked up where Oswalt left off ,with a plan to finish the home in three weeks.

"It was overwhelming, the love the support that everybody gave us, the time the effort," Marsha says.

But Wednesday, Rick passed away in his sleep.

"I think his last words were 'I love you all,'" says Marsha.

The house will stand now as a reminder of a man’s last wish for his family, which was for them to have a place to always call home.

"I love you dad, and I hope you're proud," Matt says.

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